Some Very Important Acknowledgements

 I feel very grateful to my friends of the past. I now run a small business serving libraries thanks to some great people whom I shall mention briefly here. (This COULD be a long post, as memories flood back, but I will try to summarize my love and admiration for these people.)

My friend Wayne Myers, who owned the successful "The Other Book Store" in Mystic Connecticut in the 1970s and 80s taught me to love books. In the 1980s he created a business, Bit Systems, Inc., and hired me as a programmer to develop software to manage bookstores. He was a true giant of a man and taught me so much about the world.

In 2005, my first (and only) child was born and I was trying desperately to be responsible and provide for my family. I had recently lost my job at a fairly large food corporation and was feeling rather low and worthless. When Ron Faria invited me for an interview, concerning a programming position in his library service business I jumped at the opportunity. He was a great salesperson and worked in the business since the 1970s until his untimely passing in late 2007.

He had built a successful business and had seven employees: Deborah (tech/sales), Andrea (tech/sales), Roy (my future business partner), Jeanette  (sales), Chris, a brilliant business partner and manager, John, a clever computer tech and still my dear friend. Including Ron and myself that's eight employees. There was a ninth, but he had recently passed away and I was to be his replacement. I don't recall his name but if I do I shall update this. I was told about him. A true and dedicated genius but loved and lived on fast food. Quite obese, sadly he died of heart failure.

What happened to Ron and his company? In 2005 he poured a good deal of money into R&D, mortgaging his personal properties. He probably spent at least $200,000 developing the CheckEze self-checkout system. Sadly Ron died just before he could reap the benefits of his efforts. Since he was the driving force behind the business, it withered away. It was the time of the great recession too. The business became bankrupt and our little family dispersed. After the business was settled I was allowed to have the files and source code. Roy Hicks and I built a new business: Hicks, Potter, Cheney, and Susan, Library Services LLC. (Cheney and Susan, our wives.)

These people I just mentioned in a tiny footnote were and are very great. I love them still in my heart and I stand on their shoulders as I continue to offer library services.


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