Dear visitors. Bill Potter here, owner of HPCS Library Services. I hope you are okay. It's been a bad year for everyone, but especially for libraries. But I am confident about the future. So we are soliciting outside help. We have had to increase prices a bit to improve the incentive for helpers to join with us in selling software and improving it. I would like to introduce a new marketing partner. Library Supply Solutions in Rochester New York will be helping us get out the word about our feature-rich mature self-checkout software. The executives at that business, Dean Eveleigh and Gary Sloan are so kind and helpful! Please visit them at Phone 844-644-5720. They made me feel so comfortable, it is obvious that they really care about people. Best wishes, and hope to see you soon. Bill Potter

What's new at HPCS Library Services?

Bill here. Wanted to let you know what we're doing to help our valued customers. Easier: We're rewriting our software to be easier for customers to manage. Earlier versions of the software required administrator privileges. And the user account control needed to be disabled. Our current version will only require administrator privileges for installation. Updates to the executable files will be optional and may prompt for administrator login. R&D: We are trying to implement new hardware. For example we are trying to add EMV (credit card chip) compliant payment systems. This is encrypted end to end. This eliminates the ability for computer viruses or keyboard listeners from intercepting patron card data. Even our own software will not have access to it. Security: We purchased a code signing certificate. This expensive bit of software is for your protection. When you download a software installer (.msi file) from our website, you can view it's properties and see t

Haiku (5,7,5)

Liberry: In the library Happy people reading books Smiling in their nooks Daughter: Time is growing short What will you do with life? I love you, Your Dad. Brain: How are you my brain? Lately you have been a pain. Please pass the coffee.

Letter to a young person. Reposted.

You are a smart person.  You know this. You also have ambitions and talents that can be readily trained and developed for your future. But you probably don't know quite how your desires and talents will fit into the "real world". From what I've seen, I think the following steps are the ways to succeed and be happy in your career life: 1 - find out what sparks your interests, what motivates you to actually DO things on your own! 2 - look to the world and see how that talent/interest/passion was/is/or could be used 3 - get the credentials or training that field requires as entry requirements 4 - pursue your interest/field with a passion! 5 - if what you're doing becomes tedious, boring, uninspiring - go to step 1 and start over A study of self-made millionaires was made to find out what they most had in common.  The millionaires were both well educated and poorly educated, wealthy and poor initially, from inspiring and uninspiring familie

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A new year

Here we are in 2019. How time flies. I am looking forward to getting on the road again this Spring to visit my friends in libraries across the country. Also I am hoping to see old friends in my home town of Westerly RI. P.S. I am starting this new blog because for some reason I can no longer edit my old blog: To Serve Library People