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Some Very Important Acknowledgements

 I feel very grateful to my friends of the past. I now run a small business serving libraries thanks to some great people whom I shall mention briefly here. (This COULD be a long post, as memories flood back, but I will try to summarize my love and admiration for these people.) My friend Wayne Myers , who owned the successful "The Other Book Store" in Mystic Connecticut in the 1970s and 80s taught me to love books. In the 1980s he created a business, Bit Systems, Inc., and hired me as a programmer to develop software to manage bookstores. He was a true giant of a man and taught me so much about the world. In 2005, my first (and only) child was born and I was trying desperately to be responsible and provide for my family. I had recently lost my job at a fairly large food corporation and was feeling rather low and worthless. When Ron Faria invited me for an interview, concerning a programming position in his library service business I jumped at the opportunity. He was a great

Building my business.

 I am looking at myself carefully, in my late 50s. The life expectancy for a U.S. male is 76. I would like to stay active in this business until I am 70. Then who knows. I had a late-in-life child, now 17. She loves traveling, so we will probably be visiting some libraries and a few conferences together this year. I am hoping she'll want to be involved with libraries and maybe keep HPCS alive. So what are my goals for this year and the next few? A stronger sales effort, advertising, conferences, and R&D. I am open to your suggestions.

A wonderful happy 2023

Hey all! We are still here. Covid was bad for business, but hopefully, 2023 will be much better. We have been doing lots of R&D and hope to demonstrate some cool new self-checkout features. We are so grateful to our long-term customers. If you need anything at all drop me a line. I do respond seven days a week. May your 2023 be filled with happiness.