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What's new at HPCS Library Services?

Bill here. Wanted to let you know what we're doing to help our valued customers. Easier: We're rewriting our software to be easier for customers to manage. Earlier versions of the software required administrator privileges. And the user account control needed to be disabled. Our current version will only require administrator privileges for installation. Updates to the executable files will be optional and may prompt for administrator login. R&D: We are trying to implement new hardware. For example we are trying to add EMV (credit card chip) compliant payment systems. This is encrypted end to end. This eliminates the ability for computer viruses or keyboard listeners from intercepting patron card data. Even our own software will not have access to it. Security: We purchased a code signing certificate. This expensive bit of software is for your protection. When you download a software installer (.msi file) from our website, you can view it's properties and see t